We’d love you to do 30mins…but, if you only had 10 minutes what would you do?

“If you only had 10 minutes a day for exercise, what would you do?”

Mauricio: From a physiotherapist’s perspective, I would look to be doing exercise that best prevents the occurrence and recurrence of injury. The human body is designed to be active and our joints give us incredible mobility to achieve a high level of activity. The problem is that for most people, there is little time to commit to the level of exercise required to maintain and keep our bodies injury-free. For a ten-minute boost of good quality injury-management activity, do the following:
1. Get up and walk around for a couple of minutes;
2. Practice exercises that will improve your posture (Google “shoulder setting exercises”);
3. Stretch your neck, shoulders and hips; and,
4. Do some breathing exercises, breathing in and out deeply (again, hit Google).

Tim: Even though the current recommendation for physical activity is 30mins a day of moderate exercise, there is plenty of research and evidence to suggest that short bursts of high intensity exercise can have an even greater impact on our health and fitness.
High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a hot trend because it has been proven to increase cardiovascular fitness, improve strength, enhance cognitive function and mood, and reduce the incidence of many chronic diseases.
It can, however, be daunting for newcomers and you should choose an activity with a fixed intensity that you enjoy doing and are reasonably good at. A short game of basketball, interspersed with push-ups or burpees, is a great example.

Mauricio Bara has a Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise Science) and a Masters in Physiotherapy and is a physiotherapist with (?)

Tim Douge has a Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise Science) and is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist with Iridium Health.

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