breaking bad habits

The ‘Ange Anderson Daily’ 8th and 9th Feb 2015


It’s such a shame I couldn’t make the Fully Fit 5k Fun Run – looks like it was a cracker of a morning! I was stuck in bed thanks to a virus but that didn’t stop me moving for 30 minutes. I left the car at home walked the 6km return journey to the chemist. Incidental exercise! I’m also proud to say that aside from the one small slip up at Max Brenner last week I’ve been eating well! No alcohol too and I feel so much better for that!


Feeling 100% again today! I trained hard at the gym. I was introduced to the “50 club” during a group session. We did 50 reps of 8 different exercises from push ups to step ups to lunges. What a killer but a great fast workout. 587 calories burnt in 50 minutes. Hope you’re staying motivated. You’ve got this! And think about how proud you’ll be at the end for not just looking after yourself better but also for breaking those bad habits!


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