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Snack Time…

Many commercial snack foods are high in fat, sugar and salt, and low in fibre, vitamins and minerals.  Read labels carefully and don’t assume nutrition claims always mean the food is a healthy choice.
Snacks often need to be planned.  If you are going out, take some food with you if healthy snacks are not easily available. Snacks are ideally portable, convenient, and have some nutritional aspect (i.e. fruit, protein, fibre, iron, diary, vitamins, minerals).
Listed below are portable snacks in categories of fruit, fibre calcium and protein.
 1 piece of fresh fruit
 Goulburn valley fruit tubs
 SPC fruit crush ups
 Fruit salad purchased from supermarket
 Packet of chicknuts roasted broadbeans or chickpeas
 Packet of Macro popcorn
 Chickpeas / 4 bean mix / baked beans
 Wholegrain crackers such as vitawheat/ ryvita with tomato and/or low fat cheese spread such as <5% philly cream cheese or low fat cottage cheese
 Soups – minestrone, lentil, split pea
 Vege sticks and low fat dips eg. hummus, tzatziki
 Fruit
 Trail mix with dried fruit, nuts and seeds
 Mixed unsalted nuts
 Yoghurt eg. chobani greek yoghurt, jalna, activia
 Smoothies made on low fat milk with fruit
 Low fat cheese eg. laughing cow cheese, Bega 50% less fat, Kraft live free 80% less fat
 Pauls low fat custard
 Tinned tuna, salmon, sardines
 Yoghurt, cheese, milk
 Chicken, lean red meat, lean mince, fish, seafood
 Chickpeas – chicnuts / 4 bean mix / baked beans (also a great source of iron)
Easy snacks to make at home
 Buttermilk pancakes / pikelets with low sugar jam, or berrys and cottage cheese
 Milk and fruit smoothie
 Frozen fruit pieces
 Mini pizzas using muffin with ham, low fat cheese and pineapple

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Prepared by: Lisa Peterson, Dietitian & Nutritionist, APD AN

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