During February, Fully Fit Feb has been proud to partner with Corporates in support of Beyondblue.

The opportunities that exist to lead change and become role models within the workplace are enormous when you consider that over 3.5million people in the workplace are depressed and that Australia is classed as one of the most obese nations in the world.  We are often at work longer than we are at home so tackling obesity and depression in the workplace makes simple sense.

Fully Fit Feb has been delivering free information sessions and healthy activities to workplaces during February. These sessions have been incredibly well received and it has been amazing to witness the engagement within the workplace that is quickly created.

There are so many great benefits from running wellbeing activities in the workplace:

– Increased employee engagement;
– Health bodies and minds and increased energy;
– Reduced change resistance ‘when we improve and achieve together,  we change together’
– Sense of community and fun environment;
– Reduced presenteeism, absenteeism and stress;
– Increased productivity;
– Partnership with non for profit organisations;
– Free healthy lifestyle activities / fitness classes / advice and support;
– Discounts and terrific offers kindly provided by over 25 leading health providers / retailers;
– Increased employee retention;
– Happy and healthy employees; and,

– Increased profits

We are absolutely passionate about maintaining current partnerships, creating new ones, and working together to lead change in your workplace and we are excited to confirm that post February, Fully Fit Forever will continue to offer a number of free activities to corporates to introduce them to the benefits of wellbeing within their workplaces.

Let’s work together to put obesity on the endangered list and work towards workplaces that are ‘Fully Fit Forever’.

To donate to Beyondblue and support Fully Fit Feb click here and join the list of corporates who have donated to make a difference and send their ‘C Suite’ to the CEO Riverlife Kayak Challenge.

Contact Scott on 0433269388 for more information.

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