How quickly will you see results?

How quickly will I see the RESULTS?

It’s always nice to get compliments. Even more so when you have been busting your gut at the gym or pounding the pavement with nothing more than celery and tears for dinner. But what if you don’t get that sweet ear candy to boost your ego and keep you on your track to perfection? If you are following some of the recommendations that we have made in previous blog posts then below is a summary of the results you can expect to enjoy:

1. Weight loss.
Following the guidelines of an hour per day of moderate-to-vigorous exercise, including at least 3 bouts of resistance exercise with a reduced calorie diet, safe and healthy fat loss should come at roughly 0.5-1kg per week.

2. Strength and Muscle Gain.
Let’s assume you have consulted an exercise physiologist and are undertaking a safe program of progressive resistance training. How much muscle you put on depends largely on 3 things: the volume of work you do; the quality of your calorie-positive diet (eating more than you burn); and your genetics. The first two factors – your output and your input – are the things you can control. Ensure you fatigue the muscle groups you are trying to develop and maintain a balanced, high protein diet and you should see a consistent progression in weight gain at about 0.5kg/fortnight.

3. Cardio.
Aim to do a variety of sessions including short intervals, long intervals and extended endurance training for a consistent improvement in your ability. Like most things, there is a genetic/age limit to how much you can improve so your gains from week to week will gradually decrease until you hit your peak fitness for your age and genetics. The next step then is to maintain it!

To achieve the most out of your training seek help, have a plan, set challenging but achievable goals and be persistent. Good health is a marathon, not a sprint!

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