From the Founder

Those who know me know that I am extremely passionate about health and fitness and in my profession as a police officer, maintaining a healthy lifestyle has been one of the key tenements in keeping stress in the workplace and at home to a minimum.  Quite simply, a healthy body equals a healthy mind and in turn a more engaged, productive and happy employee.

Being a single dad to three young children, one of whom is quickly approaching her teenage years, I recognise the importance of keeping kids active and more importantly, keeping their diets nutritional, delicious and interesting.  Having worked in lower socio economic areas, I have seen the impact of poor diets and lack of inspirational role models.

Depression impacts millions of people every day and arguably, there is not one member in our community that hasn’t been impacted through the effects of depression on their family, friends or individually. Health and fitness plays an integral role in coping with the effects of depression and we regularly see the positive effects that being healthy has on family and friends impacted by depression.

This is an amazing opportunity for us to develop a lasting partnership and ongoing engagement with businesses, government and most importantly the community to work towards a world without obesity through motivating and inspiring active and healthy lifestyles.

Scott Harris, Brisbane