The ‘Ange Anderson Daily’ 22 Feb 2015

22.02.2015 I’m feeling as though I’ll be Fully Fit Forever as we near the end of this month long challenge! I achieved my 30 minutes today by doing my new fave the Main Ave hill in Balmoral. If you told me on Feb 1 I’d be willingly walking up and down it at least 10 […]


The ‘Ange Anderson Daily’ 20 and 21 Feb 2015

20.02.2015 Kettlebell exercise above!   I definitely wasn’t doing kettlebells in the rain!! 21.02.2015 I cleaned up the garage today and dusted off an old kettlebell. I put together my own mini workout which I did on the grass. 3 sets of 15 upright rows, clean and presses, snatches and weighted squats with a run around […]


The ‘Ange Anderson Daily’ 19 Feb 2015

19.02.2015 I felt like I need a good stretch today after flogging my body for the last few weeks so I went to the Australian School of Meditation and Yoga for a class. It was so relaxing!


The ‘Ange Anderson Daily’ 18 Feb 2015

18.02.2015 I decided on a rest day today – but that didn’t mean not getting a quick 30 minutes of exercise in. Instead of driving down the road to get some fresh veges for dinner I jumped on my bike.


The ‘Ange Anderson Daily’ 17 Feb 2015

17.02.2015 I hit the gym today with my work buddies who’ll I’ll be joining on the Kokoda track in April.  We did a circuit.  I feel like when you train as a group it keeps everyone motivated.



SUPERFOODS “Superfoods” – what makes them super, who is deeming them super, and just because they are super doesn’t mean they have to cost a fortune. Superfoods at the moment seem to come in and out of fashion and are typically foods with a fad that journalists recommending eating kilos of to get benefits. It […]



With all the negativity around grains and cereal products in the media, people are starting to ask themselves- Are grains good for me or not? The answer is very clear, GRAINS ARE GREAT!!!! Grains are currently responsible for the largest amount of energy in the typical Australian diet as well as fibre, folate, thiamine, iron, […]



During February, Fully Fit Feb has been proud to partner with Corporates in support of Beyondblue. The opportunities that exist to lead change and become role models within the workplace are enormous when you consider that over 3.5million people in the workplace are depressed and that Australia is classed as one of the most obese […]

ange eliptical

The ‘Ange Anderson Daily’ 16 Feb 2015

16.02.2015Back to the gym today! It’s hard to believe how fast this month is going! Time flies when you’re having fun and getting healthy! I spent my 30 on the elliptical. Hope you’re still on track?! We’ve got this!

ange kokoda

The ‘Ange Anderson Daily’ 15 Feb 2015

15.02.15Sounds like cardio tennis was a big hit at Emerson Tennis Centre. I had Kokoda training so couldn’t make it. Looking forward to Riverlife next Sunday though. Today’s 30 I spent in the bush – getting some fresh air!