About Fully Fit Feb

Fully Fit Feb, proudly presented by Fully Fit Forever, is Australia’s newest and most innovative annual health and fitness initiative aimed squarely at winning the battle against the waistline and developing healthy lifestyles – FOREVER.  The simple, yet effective 28 day health and fitness challenge encourages participants to be active for 30 minutes each day and maintain a balanced, healthy diet.

Fully Fit Feb attracted a strong following in 2014 and 2015, attributed to in the main, the revolutionary concept, the free activities on offer, great offers from partnering businesses, the shortest month, and the practical timing considering people’s New Year’s resolutions. The exciting key to the challenge is that participants can achieve their 30 minutes through any medium whether it be walking their dog, walking to work, using the stairs instead of the lift or in many other popular active pastimes like swimming, riding, running kayaking or the gym.

A key strategic outcome is the development of lasting partnerships and ongoing engagement with businesses, government and most importantly the community to work towards a world without obesity through motivating and inspiring fit and healthy lifestyles.

To support and motivate you during the 28 days, Fully Fit Feb is partnering with some leading health industry businesses to offer discounts, incentives, advice and free group training activities across the 28 days.

Amazing value for just $1 a day to get fit, healthy and active and lead change in your community, workplace and at home…

Fully Fit Feb – Putting Obesity on the Endangered List since 2014

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