30 Minute Fully Fit Feb Tips

Throughout the month, we will bring you 30 min Fully Fit Feb Tips for achieving your daily goal.

Organised activities and gyms are definitely a fantastic way to get your 30 minutes (and there are plenty on offer from our partnering businesses) but here are 5 great tips for when you can’t make it to the gym that will keep you going…

1. 30min Fully Fit Feb Tip – Go for a walk
Walking is the superfood of exercise. A 30 min walk can offset the negative effects of up to 10hours of sitting. You don’t need to be vomiting and crying, biggest loser style to get the benefits of exercise.

2. 30min Fully Fit Feb Tip – Chair circuit
Who needs a gym? Just put a chair against a wall.
1min of Sit to Stand
Chair Dips
Step ups
Mountain climbers
Seated knee to chest pulses
Push Ups
Rear foot elevated lunge
Plank with elbows on the chair
Hip Bridge (lying on the ground, feet on the chair)
1min rest
3. 30min Fully Fit Feb Tip – Fartlek Running
Jog for 5mins to warm up
Complete 10 intervals of 1min fast running vs 1min slow running
Jog for 5mins to cool down
Fartlek intervals can be of varying durations but is one of the most effective ways of building speed and endurance.

4. 30min Fully Fit Feb Tip – Walk the Eugenia circuit at Mt Coot-tha
A great way to enjoy nature, build your leg strength, improve your balance and get some fresh
air! One of Brisbane’s best spots if it has been raining and the Simpson Falls are flowing.

5. 30min Fully Fit Feb Tip – Plyometric Speed Training
10min Jog to warm up
3 sets of 20 High knees
3 sets of 20 Butt flicks
3 sets of 5 broad jumps
3 sets of 10 single foot hops on each side
3 sets of 10 Tuck jumps
3 acceleration runs, start slow jog for building to 50% over 25m. Accelerate to %100 over 50m.
Decelerate to stop over 25m.

Plyometrics refers to training which uses the elastic capacity of muscles and tendons for
force production. Paired once or twice per week with a normal strength program,
plyometrics is a great way to build your speed.

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